Crypto 2007 rump session

The rump session took place on Tuesday 21 August 2007. Daniel J. Bernstein chaired the session. Tanja Lange served as associate chair. Alfred Menezes assisted in organizing the program.

The call for submissions was issued two weeks earlier. It was originally on this page but has now been archived on a separate page.

The original rump-session schedule (PDF) was printed and copied around 11:00 Santa Barbara time on Tuesday 21 August 2007. One additional talk was submitted and accepted in the afternoon, after the schedule was printed. One additional talk was submitted and accepted halfway through the rump session, after the electronic schedule was prepared. The final schedule (PDF) is available only online. was webcast from the rump-session room starting around 17:00.

Almost all of the presentations are online:
Crypto 2007 rump session, Tuesday 21 August 2007
19:45Daniel J. Bernstein (chair)Daniel J. BernsteinWelcome01-bernstein
19:49Markus Jakobsson (chair of something else)Markus JakobssonBest-paper award (rump papers not included, sorry)02-jakobsson
19:50Jean-Jacques Quisquater (sponsor)Jean-Jacques QuisquaterLess known facts about an indentification protocol03-quisquater
19:56Susan LandauSusan LandauThe Security Risks Created by the Protect America Act04-landau
20:00Whitfield Diffie and Susan LandauWhitfield DiffiePrivacy on the Line: The Politics of Wiretapping and Encryption (updated and expanded edition)05-diffie
20:01Ross AndersonRoss AndersonDoes Bob Go to Prison?06-anderson
20:08Alexander May, Roberto Avanzi, Christof Paar, Ahmad Sadeghi, Jörg Schwenk, Christopher WolfChristopher WolfEurocrypt 2009 in Cologne07-wolf
20:10Manoj Prabhakaran & Mike RosulekMike RosulekCRYPTUTOR08-rosulek
Hash functions
20:14Florian Mendel and Christian Rechberger and Vincent RijmenChristian RechbergerUpdate on SHA-109-rechberger
20:19Gregory HirshmanGregory HirshmanFurther Musings on the Wang et al. MD5 Collision10-hirshman
20:23Daniel J. BernsteinDaniel J. Bernstein$1000 for best attack this year:
20:23Adi ShamirAdi ShamirHow to SQUASH Your Data11-shamir
20:30Scott Contini, Krystian Matusiewicz, Josef Pieprzyk, Ron Steinfeld, Guo Jian, Huaxiong WangRon SteinfeldAnalysis of LASH (Work in Progress)12-steinfeld
20:33Carl Ellison, Victor Miller, Eran Tromer, Rebecca WrightCryptoc HoirOn the design and cryptanalysis of a one-way hash13-hoir
21:00Eli Biham, Orr Dunkelman, Sebastiaan Indesteege, Nathan Keller, Bart PreneelBart PreneelHow to Steal Cars - A Practical Attack on KeeLoq14-preneel
21:05Dan Shumow, Niels FergusonDan ShumowOn the Possibility of a back door in the NIST SP800-90 Dual Ec Prng15-shumow
21:09Bob SilvermanBob SilvermanOptimal Sieving Regions for the Lattice Sieve16-silverman
21:12Igor SemaevIgor SemaevAverage versus Worst in Solving Sparse Algebraic Equations17-semaev
21:17Andy Clark, Tony SaleAndy ClarkA Colossal Challenge18-clark
21:22Tanja Lange, Christof PaarChristof PaarSHARCS 07 Announcement19-paar
21:24Christof Paar et al.Christof PaarThe only Rump Session Talk with Pamela Anderson20-paar
21:30Christof PaarChristof PaarAnnouncement CHES 200721-paar
21:32Philip ZimmermannPhilip ZimmermannZRTP: Media Path Key Agreement for Secure VoIP22-zimmermann
21:37Thomas Baignères, Serge VaudenaySerge VaudenayFSE 2008 announcement23-vaudenay
21:38Ronald Cramer, Carles PadroRonald CramerPublic Key Cryptography, PKC 200824-cramer
21:40Chris Peikert and Brent WatersBrent WatersLossy Trapdoor Functions25-waters
21:47Nicko van SomerenNicko van SomerennCipher is hiring Cryptographic Security Architects -
21:47Jon Callas, Tamzen Cannoy, Nicko Van SomerenJon CallasEconomics and Cryptography: Integrity checks as a solution to factoring sub-primes26-callas
22:15Alexandra BoldyrevaAlexandra BoldyrevaFace Paradox and Cryptanalysis of Several Face Recognition Protocols27-boldyreva
22:18Yevgeniy DodisYevgeniy DodisTCC 2008 announcement28-dodis
22:19David FreemanDavid FreemanConstructing Pairing-Friendly Ordinary Genus 2 Curves29-freeman
22:25Alexandra Boldyreva, Craig Gentry, Adam O'Neill, Dae Hyun YumAdam O'NeillOrdered Multisignatures and Identity-Based Sequential Aggregate Signatures30-oneill
22:29Dan Boneh, Craig Gentry, Mike HamburgCraig GentrySpace-Efficient IBE without Pairings31-gentry
22:34Masayuki AbeMasayuki AbeASIACCS 2008 CFP32-abe
22:35Tal MalkinTal MalkinCT-RSA 2008 announcement33-malkin
22:36Ivan DamgårdJesper Buus NielsenICALP 2008, Cryptographer's Track34-nielsen
22:38Ivan Damgård, Jesper Buus NielsenJesper Buus NielsenMultiparty Computation Goes Live35-nielsen
22:44Juan Garay and Jonathan Katz and Chiu-Yuen Koo and Rafail OstrosvkyJuan GarayRound Complexity of Authenticated Broadcast with a Dishonest Majority36-garay
22:50Juan Garay, Aggelos Kiayias and Hong-Sheng ZhouAggelos KiayiasSound and Fine-grained Specification of Ideal Functionalities37-kiayias
22:56Manoj Prabhakaran & Mike RosulekMike RosulekTrusted Parties & Their Twins38-rosulek
23:02Good night!